Home Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

November 17, 2020Updated April 26, 2021

How can I order beer for free local Home Delivery?
Easy question. Thanks for asking. You head over to our website (which you’ve likely found by now if you’re reading this) and click on “SHOP“. Fill your cart with #FreshGLB beer and orders over $50 qualify for free local home delivery, granted you reside within our delivery zones. 

Home Delivery Zones? Tell us more. 
Click on this link to see some fancy maps that feature all the details. Essentially, we have TWO home delivery zones with their own designated delivery days each week.

Zone #1, Toronto (Etobicoke, North York, East York, Scarborough) or parts of Mississauga

Zone #2 – Oakville, Burlington, Stoney Creek or Hamilton

Wonderful. I’m in the zone and just placed an order for two cases of Canuck Pale Ale. When will I get my order?
Nice! You’ll have already received an order confirmation email then. If you are in zone #1 – Toronto (Etobicoke, North York, East York, Scarborough) or parts of Mississauga, you’ll get it the very next day! Yes, next day delivery seven days a week. If you want an example, here you go. You hit checkout at 10:30pm on any given night and you’ll receive your order the very next day. Pretty great example, right!

If you are in Oakville, Burlington, Stoney Creek or Hamilton, you’ll get your order on Fridays or Saturdays. Here’s another example. You live in downtown Hamilton and it’s a Tuesday night. You order a whole whack of GLB beer (thanks, btw). We’ll see you on the Friday, with your beer of course.

Exciting! Now, what happens after I place my order?
Our team shows up nice and early in the morning, picks and pulls all the orders, sets the routes for the drivers and then the drivers pick all the orders, loading them into their GLB mobile(s). The driver will then give you a call or shoot you a text with an approx time of delivery.

Do I need to be home to accept the order?
You betcha… But, if you can’t be around for whatever reason, any person of legal age (verified by ID) at the residence listed on the order, can accept the delivery. Simply let your driver know when they contact you that another person will be responsible for receiving your order.

Can’t you just leave the order on my front-steps or around back?
Unfortunately, we cannot do that. You see, we are governed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) who provide the regulations around home delivery. The beer on the order must be delivered from the source (brewery) to the home address and accepted only be someone of legal age as verified by acceptable ID.

What happens if I miss my order?
It sucks when that happens. But if you’re home delivery zone #1, we’ll re-group and try again the next day. If you are in home delivery zone #2, and you miss your Friday order, will try again on the Saturday. Should, for any reason we have two missed attempts at delivery, we’ll bring the back here with a tear in our eye and refund the order. 

I live on the 35th floor of an apartment/condo. Will you deliver my beer right to my door?
Nah. Our drivers have a full day on their hands and while they’d love to see that glorious painting hung in your hallway, they won’t enter buildings at this time. The driver will call or text you (the number on the order) and let you know ahead of time when they’ll be arriving. They would kindly ask you to come down to the front door on ground level, with your ID, to collect your order. 

Can’t you just leave the beer with a concierge?
You’d think so, right? But no, no we can’t. Imagine if a 16-year-old ordered beer to their condo address and we left it with someone that may not verify age… not cool. Also, the AGCO says we can’t, so we won’t. We must leave it drop it with the customer.

Ok. Ok. Can I just choose a specific delivery window and/or time for my delivery?
In a perfect world, that would be great, but given the volume of orders we cannot guarantee a smaller window than 11am – 8pm. We understand that you may have places to go, people to see, which is why our driver will make every effort possible to provide a more concise ETA through call and text so just make sure that you have your phone on you.

Can I choose a different delivery date or request a specific pick-up window?
We cannot offer alternative delivery dates at this time and are only able to fulfill deliveries based on the delivery date confirmed at the time of purchase.

Can I order my beer for brewery curbside pick-up?
Sure you can. It’s as easy as ordering beer for home delivery, but instead of choosing home delivery when checking out, click on Pick-up. 

Is your physical retail store open to the public?
Indeed it is! As of April 26, 2021, the retail store is open 7 days a week, 10am – 8pm. Here is a blog post with more information, including a video, regarding the retail store. 

For home delivery / brewery curbside pick-up, can I mix and match beers?  For example, can I get 2 Canuck, 2 Octopus, 2 Pompous and 2 HazeMama?
Unfortunately not. We will be sticking with our 8 pack / 12 pack / 24 pack formats for curbside and home delivery. However, should you come into the retail store, you can mix and match, purchase 1 beer or 1 of everything.

Bummer. 8 beer of one brand is a lot to commit to, especially if I’ve never tried it before.
We hear you. We really do. If you feel like 8 is too much, we encourage you to visit our physical store or drop into your local LCBO. The why – due to the sheer volume of orders we handle on a daily basis, and with the amount of brands that we typically offer, singles for home delivery would be a logistical nightmare for us and would be terribly cumbersome for our amazing delivery staff. We feel our pricing, our next day delivery option, retail store programming and presence in the LCBO and grocery channel all balances out. And, sharing is caring. If you order a couple of 8 packs or any particular brand, for home delivery, share with a neighbour (at a safe distance) and be the champ we all know you are. 

No province-wide shipping?
Negative. We’re just not there yet. We are focusing all of our efforts on home delivery, our retail store, retail channels and bar accounts.

You can find GLB products in over 450 LCBOs across Ontario (Canuck Pale Ale, Octopus Wants to Fight IPA, Pompous Ass English Ale, HazeMama NEIPA, BURST! NEPA, THRUST! an IPA, Shinny Pants Session Stout, Hanlan’s Point Coconut Coffee Porter – Lake Effect coming soon). You can also find multiple brands of GLB in over 500 grocery stores across the province (Canuck, HazeMama, Octopus, Pompous Ass). We’ve also stood by and supported hundreds of bars and restaurants from Windsor to Ottawa, Thunder Bay to Lake Ontario, getting them fresh cans of GLB so they could sell off-site via takeout and/or home delivery.

Do you sell gift cards?
Unfortunately we’ve had to suspend our online digital gift card program. We hope to have them back up on the online shop very soon – in a new format.

Can I include merchandise with my beer order?
Not at this time. They way in which we’ve set up our online merch store prevents us from including items alongside beer. We have a lot of interest in our merchandise right across Canada, so we’ve set up the shop in a way that allows us to ship from coast to coast to coast. All the merchandise listed on the online shop is available in person here at Great Lakes. 

Kegs? How do I get a keg of GLB?
Easy peasy. You hit up the online shop as if you were completing a home delivery order, but you click on the keg section instead. You select the brand and size that you want, pending availability and checkout. Please note that the price includes a $50 refundable deposit.

Can I rent a keg pump?
Not at this time. Kegs tapped using a pump need to be consumed without 24 hours, which would indicate the likelihood of a gathering… which isn’t cool in our books.

Will someone deliver a keg to my house?
*Yup. We can do that for you. And, should you have any empties, we’ll take them back (if GLB kegs) and issue you a refund (deposit).

* We are currently only offering free local home delivery of kegs in zone #1. For those in zone #2 who want to purchase a keg, they are available for brewery pick-up only.