Let's have a pint… Holly Johnston

This is the third instalment in our new blog series that will allow you to get to know the GLB family – the people behind the beer from production to sales to front office.
Let’s have a pint…with Holly Johnston.
BobNQixIUAAT8HmProvide your full name & position
Holly Johnston – Office Manager
How long have you been at GLB?
5 years
Name your favourite GLB beer & non GLB beer
GLB – Hissyfit Grisette
Non GLB – Erdinger Weissbier
Name your favourite Tank Ten beer
Ezra, a collaboration beer brewed with Amsterdam Brewing Co.
What is the best part of working in the beer industry?
Working with Mike Lackey.
Which craft beer bar would you recommend to a friend?
Bar Hop
What do you do when you’re not doing “beer” stuff?
Pole Dancing for fitness at Pole Fit Nation in Oakville
Name the band/artist we’d find currently playing on your iPod
Arctic Monkey’s, Banks, and always The Beatles