Roland’s Back with Sunnyside Session IPA

Published May 10, 2021

“Roland Baggetts talkin’ at ya now! Ooooh, lookie lookie! What do’s I gots ‘ere, yer nosy nose wants to knows. Happens to be the new me on da can of Sunnyside Session IPA! Spiffy, eh!”

Cans of this low abv Session IPA are now available across Ontario through LCBO stores for $2.90. We like to think of that as terrific value around these parts. Cases are also available to snag here at the brewery retail store for $54.00. You’re welcome.

“Well, how’s ya doodle? Roland Baggetts here, rolling solo down here at Sunnyside Beach.

I’s likes to get here nice and early, to grabs me some prime sandy real estate. I’s lays out me towel, slather meself liberally with tanning butter and soak in some tasty vitimin D.

Speaking of tasty, lookie lookie in me cooler box, a whole gaggle of Sunnyside Session IPA.

Big on da taste, low on the alcahookahol. A Springtime Summertime anytime treat, and a permanent staple in the grips of me fingers.

Oh, and checks out the can to see a brand new me! Been lifting some iron to boost me biceps, triceps and me deltoids.

You know what they say…Sun’s out, guns out, work yer tan and crack a can, of Sunnyside Session IPA.”