Stage 17 – Lackey Rides

Published July 14, 2021 – UPDATED July 17th (go to bottom)

TODAY, tune into our Instagram account to follow Mike Lackey as he attempts a 178.4km bike ride to celebrate Stage 17 of the Tour de France… which he’ll finish with the cracking of a can of, yup, Stage 17 West Coast Pilsner.

In his own words – “Sure it’s easy to trumpet ‘Tastes amazing after a bike ride’ like we do on the can but I thought is was important to take a more scientific approach. So tomorrow, same day as Stage 17 of The Tour I’m going to try and ride the same distance (178.4 km) as the lads in France. After, I will do my part for science and drink a couple/three Stage 17 Pilsners and see once and for all of it is what it’s cracked up to be. All for science.”

As for the rest of us here at GLB, well, we’ll all be sitting comfortably at the brewery watching his progress and cheering him on with fresh pours of Stage 17.  You can too… grab a case today for only $50.00 from our retail store and follow our social accounts for updates.

So, he completed the ride.