Published April 12, 2021

It’s a different kind of spring break (formerly March break) once again. Kids across Ontario are off this week – the number of COVID cases continue to rise – schools (in Toronto and area) are back to virtual learning and parents are looking for things to keep children occupied while sneaking in moments for work.

So, like last year, we thought we’d offer you NEW FREE colouring pages featuring GLB characters.

You can either print off for your children and/or to download to a tablet for them to colour. (See download instructions at bottom of page).

Below you’ll find 20 different drawings that will hopefully keep the kiddos entertained this week. And please share with your friends and neighbours. Sharing is caring.

We also, if you’re interested, have the GLB Colouring Book (volume 3) in stock here at the brewery retail store and online shop. You can order one this week for Canada-wide shipping. It contains 32 different GLB characters to colour, has 3 white pages to draw/create your own friendly face and the completed pages look good on any type of fridge. All artwork by Patrick Corrigan and Fabian Skidmore.

Please enjoy!

Karma Simcoe – Patrick Corrigan
Karma Sabro – Patrick Corrigan
2010 IPA – Patrick Corrigan
Beatrix Baltic Porter – Patrick Corrigan
BURST! – – Patrick Corrigan and Fabian Skidmore
Canadian Cabin – – Patrick Corrigan
The Cat’s Away IPL – Patrick Corrigan
Etobichoker – Patrick Corrigan
Lake Effect – Patrick Corrigan
Meet the Porters – Patrick Corrigan
Octopus Wants to Fight – Patrick Corrigan
Niles, Pixie Tonic – Patrick Corrigan
New Limp Puppet… – Patrick Corrigan
Export Porter – Patrick Corrigan
Citraddiction attacks RoboHop – Patrick Corrigan
Furthermore… you forgot to mention Bigfoot – Patrick Corrigan
Flying Chickens – Patrick Corrigan
Electric Circus dancer – Patrick Corrigan
Wear a mask – Patrick Corrigan

To download image to print:
Click on any of the drawings, open image in new tab, print page. Bust out the markers, the pencil crayons, the crayons and go to town.

To download the images to an iPad:
Simply push down on the image in your browser, select open image in new tab to see full size, select save image. Go into your photos and there it is. Click on whichever colouring page you’d like to colour and hit edit. Next click on the three … circle and select markup. You can now colour with your finger and/or an apple pencil. Voila!

If you’ve made it this far, high-five. Send us your coloured pages ( so we can send a personal greeting to the artist(s).

GLB Family