The 2023 GLB Christmas Beer Calendar

Make it a #FRESHGLB December with our 2023 GLB Christmas Beer Calendar subscription!


Each subscription will include 4 weeks of 6 packs to be picked up or delivered at the beginning of each week starting November 26th.

Each of the four 6-Packs will include:
6 #FreshGLB Beers (24 in total)
6 Branded Mini Stickers (24 in total)
1 Surprise GLB Glass (4 in total)

Your FIRST pack will also include your calendar card!

Each day in December, we’ll announce on Instagram and Facebook which #FreshGLB beer to enjoy that day, and you can mark it by placing the corresponding sticker on your calendar.

Throughout January, bring your filled in calendar to the GLB Brewpub or Brewery to receive an EXTRA SPECIAL BEER!


We have a limited number of subscriptions (only 100!) that will be available to buy between November 12th to November 26th exclusively at our Online Shop.

GLB Christmas Beer Calendar Subscriptions are $110 and include 24 beers (plus a surprise beer at the end) 24 stickers, a calendar, and 4 different GLB branded glassware.


Each subscription purchased for Home Delivery will include a set delivery weekday (ie. Tuesday deliveries) that will start on the week of November 26th.

Subscriptions for pick up will be available from the following dates:
Week 1: Pick up available from November 26th
Week 2: Pick up available from December 3rd
Week 3: Pick up available from December 10th
Week 4: Pick up available from December 17th
(All packs must be picked up by December 22nd)


Why not release all 24 beers at once?
Some of the beers in our packs are set to be canned and release that same week! In order to give you the freshest beers possible, we opted to include these new releases in your packs.

Can I purchase a subscription after November 26th?
We won’t be selling any subscriptions after November 26th to make sure each subscriber has their beers before December.

Where can I pick up my beer packs?
You’ll be able to opt to pick up your packs from the Brewery or GLB Brewpub for all 4 weeks.

Where can I find which beers to drink on which days?
We’ll be revealing the #FreshGLB to drink each morning on our instagram and Facebook accounts.