We hear you. We see you.

June 2, 2020

Racism continues to exist globally and it’s existed for far too long. It is experienced every day by Indigenous peoples, Black people and visible minorities.

Great Lakes is privileged to operate in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Our staff, our community and our partners, are made up of individuals from all over the world, and we take great pride in that. Despite this, we still have our fair share of challenges. Acknowledgement is the first step we can take together.

Craft breweries have been built by incorporating community. By offering safe, inclusive, and welcoming places to congregate with friends and strangers alike. With people from diverse communities. We must, collectively, acknowledge that we all hold influence within these communities and we should be using that to help stamp out racism.

We believe in respect, inclusion and kindness. As a company, Great Lakes will to continue to learn, listen intently to others, to educate ourselves and our supporters and offer our a safe space for everyone. Be kind. Be respectful. Fight intolerance with compassion.  

We stand in solidarity with the movement for black and indigenous lives.

We hear you. We see you.

Here are some helpful links that we’ll be exploring ourselves, to learn more.

Black Lives Matter Toronto
Beer.Diversity. (Ren Navarro)
Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

Here are two great videos to watch.

This is a condensed video from the full length interview, which you can also view here
(posted with permission from our friends at https://www.baospodcast.com/)