What's the deal with Lake Effect IPA?

lake-effect-ipa_2016-poster-copyLast week, just before Christmas, we released a limited amount of Lake Effect IPA cans in our brewery retail store. Many kegs also made their way out of the brewery just in time for bars to tap it for the holiday’s, with more rolling out across Ontario this week.
We re-opened the retail store yesterday, after a couple of well deserved days off for rest, and we promptly sold out of all Lake Effect inventory. We know – too fast. We’re sorry.
During the lead up to the release of the cans, and after the beer hit the retail fridge shelves, we received, and still continue to get, many questions from craft beer drinkers from all parts of Ontario wondering about the future of Lake Effect?
Is there more coming?
Was it just a one-time limited run like THRUST?
Will cans be heading to LCBO stores?
We take the blame for being so coy over the last two weeks. For not keeping you as up to date as you would have liked. We teased (maybe a bit too much). But now we have the answers you’ve been looking for.
Yes, there is more Lake Effect IPA coming. For those that missed out on this now sold-out, brewery only, limited release, fear not, 473ml cans will be heading to LCBO stores across the province in the coming weeks. Yes, there will be a lot in the cue for the next couple of months (or until it sells out). And, for the first time, the new Lake Effect cans will be printed (no shrink sleeve, no sticker), making our man Roland Baggetts shine brighter than ever.
The cans will retail for $3.25 each. It will be available at LCBO stores, awesome craft beer bars and restaurants, and at the brewery retail store.
Want to get more information about the beer? Please send your questions, comments, or general thoughts to troy.b@greatlakesbeer.com.